Token utility

and Tokenomics.

Slot Tenants bid for priority block space with EDEN, which is then burned at 3% per day. Traders stake EDEN in return for priority block space. Block Producers allocate their block space in return for newly minted EDEN. EDEN offers both demand and supply side utility.

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Traders stake EDEN to gain access to Eden RPC to protect and prioritize their transactions. The more EDEN staked, the better block positioning traders secure.

Staking App

Slot Tenants

Slot Tenants bid EDEN to secure prime block space within Ethereum blocks which is then burnt. There are three slots on a perpetual auction system.

Slot Auctions

Block Producers

Block Producers are rewarded in EDEN for mining Eden Network blocks. In return they provide priority block space for Traders and Slot Tenants.

Block Producers

Liquidity Providers

Liquidity providers get EDEN rewards in return for providing liquidity. Eden Network allocates a portion of newly minted EDEN for LP incentives.

LP Rewards