Welcome to Eden.

Trade with confidence.

Eden is a priority transaction network that protects traders from frontrunning, aligns incentives for block producers, and redistributes miner extractable value.

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Don't Get Sandwiched

When you submit transactions to Eden Network your trades are protected from malicious bots.

Participating Hashrate

Traders of Eden

Priority Execution

Eden Network transactions give traders priority within blocks. No more waiting and wondering. Make trades (or any other transactions on the network) more efficiently and stress free.

Better Prices

Accounting for better slippage, priority against the public transaction pool and MEV protection, your tokens go further on Eden Network. Get the most tokens out of every trade.

Open to Everyone

Eden Network is open to all traders on Ethereum to benefit from.

MEV Protection

If you're not using Eden Network, you're exposed to front-running. The Eden Network protects traders from these types of attacks and other malicious MEV.

Trade with Eden Network on Sushi

Sushi unites decentralized protocols to provide the best execution in DeFi.

Block Producers of Eden

Consistent Block Revenue

Boost Block Producer revenue using EDEN block rewards for participating in the network. Recoup lost fees post EIP-1559.

Simple Integration

Start producing Eden Network blocks with streamlined integration that can be done in minutes. EDEN-geth supports transaction bundles and helps you earn more.

In Good Company

Eden Network is backed by some of the most trusted crypto projects and largest Block Producers in the world.

Participating Hashrate

Slot Tenants of Eden

Premium Blockspace

Own your slice of every block. Slot Tenants can reserve prized Ethereum blockspace by participating and giving their users priority access to the network.

Give Your Users Super Powers

Slot Tenants give their users the best price and execution on the Ethereum Network with no additional expenses or overhead.

Build Loyalty

Acquire and retain users by protecting them from the dragons, monsters, and other demons in the Dark Forest.