Eden Network.

Blocks Explained.

Eden Network creates an open market for participants to reliably access priority blockspace on Ethereum.

Eden Network Block Structure

Slot Tenants

Slot Tenants occupy the first three slots in every block. The order of Slot Tenants is determined by a continual auction where the highest staker wins. Unless outstaked, slots are awarded in 30-day intervals where 3.3% of Slot Tenants’ staked tokens are burned daily. Priority blockspace can be used by Slot Tenants or their users. They must adhere to the rules of the protocol and are not allowed to extract malicious MEV.

Become a Slot Tenant
Permissionless, Market-Driven Auction
Priority Execution Guaranteed
Premium Blockspace For Users

Transaction Bundles

Transaction bundles are prioritised after Slot Tenants within the Eden Network slot order. Bundles help prevent failed transactions and wasteful gas auctions.

Submit Transaction Bundles
Transaction Bundles Prioritized
Bundle Merging is Preserved
No Failed Transactions

Staked EDEN

All transactions sent by EDEN stakers are prioritised. The Eden Network offers users and traders additional MEV protection on every transaction they send. Use the Eden Network with MetaMask after a quick setup.

Stake EDEN Tokens
Use Eden Network with Metamask
MEV Protection on all Transactions
Priority Transactions

Example of One Eden Block Mined

Slot Tenant #1
Slot Tenant #2
Slot Tenant #3
Tx Bundle #1
Tx Bundle #2
Staked: 8,000
Staked: 7,000
Public Transaction Pool
  • Tx_1_Slot_1
  • Tx_2_Slot_1
  • Tx_1_Slot_2
  • Tx_2_Slot_2
  • Tx_1_Slot_3
  • Tx_2_Slot_3
  • Tx_1_Bundle_1
  • Tx_2_Bundle_1
  • Tx_1_Bundle_2
  • Tx_2_Bundle_2
  • Tx_1_Staker_1
  • Tx_1_Staker_2